Mediation Training

This mediation training, offered both online or in-person, examines the dynamics, benefits, constraints, and skills related to third party intervention in the resolution of legal disputes. It covers mediation as a collaborative process of resolving conflict, the legislative, ethical, and practical constraints on its use, as well as the skills needed to serve in a mediation capacity. There is an emphasis on learning through simulation exercises which are drawn from the labor, family and commercial areas.

Most approaches to mediation tend to be in situations where the parties have an ongoing relationship. However, there are situations where complete strangers have a legal dispute with each other, and they hire a mediator to resolve this dispute so they do not have to go to trial. In either case, this mediation training demonstrates another approach to leadership that helps people reach agreement.

These techniques are helpful to whoever you are and whatever you do because all of us have some form of influence in leadership, whether as a parent, in the workplace, in our place of worship, or on the soccer field. There you decide whether you are going to be authoritative and tell people what to do or whether you are going to be inclusive and participatory and invite people to share what their needs are and try to help people reach consensus and agreement.